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William Edwards

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BMM - Synergy is a small business providing therapeutic massage and Reiki treatments throughout East Kent, currently serving clients based mainly around Canterbury, Thanet, Ashford and Medway.

The flexible and client focused approach of BMM - Synergy's model enables delivery of individually tailored treatments to suit every customer's needs; in fact, BMM - Synergy specialises in providing relaxing and therapeutic treatments to its clients in their own homes or, alternatively, in neutral, professional venues such as clinics on request.

One of the main benefits of our fully mobile service is its convenience for busy clients: receiving treatment in the comfort of their own homes enables maximum relaxation before, during and after treatment, without the client having his or her mind distracted by thinking about a possibly stressful journey home through busy traffic for example.  This affords the client the ability to completely become immersed in the treatment and forget all other concerns.

The therapies currently offered are full body clinical massage, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, Reiki and guided meditation.


BMM - Synergy was formed by William Edwards for the purpose of being able to bring a range of holistic treatments to as many people as possible.  As someone who has a long standing passion for health and wellbeing, William has brought together a complementary package of treatments which can be utilised to bring balance and wellbeing to both mind and body.

Originally, William came from a scientific background, and is also a PhD research scientist who, because of his interest in the nature of life and the universe, enjoys investigating the ways in which traditional healing methods work.  The effectiveness of traditional approaches and concepts—such as that of energy meridians and chakras, of acupuncture and herbalism, of the five elements and the importance of the hara, and of course massage and other hands-on therapies—often have fascinating scientific explanations which are only recently beginning to be explored.  As such, William has always sought to merge and reconcile his scientific interests with those that are more esoteric.

Thus with a deeply felt desire to gain a more hands-on understanding of such therapeutic arts so as to be able to help others, William has studied under Kris Deva North and Anamarta of the Universal Healing Tao™,Rachel Fairweather and Meghan S. Mari of Jing®, and Rika Tanaka of Reiki with Rika.

With such an array of fine instructors, as well as the knowledge and wisdom that they impart, William is pleased to offer such a wonderfully balanced set of therapies for both relaxation and general wellbeing.


Treatment Price Summary*

Full Body Massage Session (60 minutes):    £50

Extended Full Body Massage Session with Guided Relaxation Meditation (90 minutes):    £75

Chi Nei Tsang Session (60 minutes):    £80

Reiki Session (60 minutes):    £50

Extended Reiki Session with Guided Relaxation Meditation (90 minutes):    £75

Extended Combined Holistic Treatment (120-150 minutes):    £120

*Pricing may depend on distance travelled.

Concessions available for block bookings and on an individual basis.

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William Edwards