Reiki ('Rei' meaning 'Higher Energy' and 'Ki' meaning 'Life Force') is a healing technique originating in Japan and is very effective in promoting the wellbeing of both mind and body.

The technique is generally administered by the laying on of hands and energetically supports our own natural healing systems through the flow of the 'life force' energy—ki or chi—which flows through us and which is an important concept within Eastern medicine.


When this energy becomes blocked or stagnant through the build-up of toxins or other imbalances within the body we are more likely to become unwell both mentally and physically.  Reiki helps address these imbalances by restoring the natural flow of energy through the body's energy channels.

During treatment many clients report feeling a comforting energy radiating through them and around them, leading to a profound state of wellbeing and contentment.  This relaxed state thus enables the body to heal as balance is restored to both mind and body.

This induced deep relaxation makes Reiki both an effective treatment in its own right and also as a complementary technique used in conjunction with other

therapeutic treatments.


Initial consultation and treatment lasts for around one hour and a half.

Treatment lasts for one hour and balances and balances continued consultation with treatment.

Sessions cost £50*

Extended sessions with meditation cost £75*

*Pricing may depend on distance travelled.

Concessions available for block bookings and on an individual basis.

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