Full Body Treatment

The full bodywork approach with BMM-Synergy is a clinical massage therapy designed for optimum relaxation and pain relief.

The full body treatment utilises a technique known as the "Jing Method" which is a fusion of shiatsu and Swedish massage.  These complementary elements of East and West then combine to give an extremely relaxing treatment unlike any massage you are likely to have experienced previously.

It has long been understood that massage has many benefits for our wellbeing (Massage's Mystery Mechanism, Massage Benefits, Massage and Your Brain) and these benefits include:

  • relief of aches and pains

  • muscle relaxation

  • lymphatic drainage

  • stress relief

  • general feeling of wellbeing


The approach taken during therapy session is to treat the body as one holistic whole.  As such specific areas of tension can be focused on according to client needs, but it is also recommended that this focused work be integrated into an overall body treatment.  The reason for this is that muscle tension and aches can manifest at referred locations, with the root cause of the tension being in a nearby muscle group.  Therefore, basing a whole treatment around one specific area may provide relief but not necessarily address the origin of the tension.

It is the above integrated, holistic approach which embodies the emphasis on synergy that is key to BMM-Synergy's model.

Working with general aches and pains, and helping to bring relief to clients is both fulfilling and rewarding, as is working with clients who simply wish to relax their minds and bodies through the massage experience.  Specific injuries or medical conditions however require caution and although treatment will be beneficial to surrounding areas, the area under question is best seen by a medical specialist.


Initial consultation and treatment lasts for around one hour and a half.

Treatment lasts for one hour and balances continued consultation with massage.

Sessions cost £50*

Extended sessions with meditation cost £75*

*Pricing may depend on distance travelled.

Concessions available for block bookings and on an individual basis.


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