The beneficial effects of meditation are manifold and these benefits are becoming more apparent with empirical study (Benefits of Meditation, Meditation and Yoga Can Reverse DNA Reactions Which Cause Stress).  Here are just a few of these benefits:

  • reduces stress

  • improves concentration

  • increases self-awareness and acceptance

  • improves cardiovascular and immune health

  • fosters creativity

  • helps with depression

  • thought to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's


As such, meditation is an important aspect of treatment within BMM-Synergy's holistic approach to health.

'Healthy mind, healthy body' is not simply a pithy turn of phrase; the concept has its roots in the practices of many ancient world philosophies and systems of health such as yoga, martial arts and the gymnasia of Ancient Greece, the birthplace of numerous schools of philosophy.

So, as the condition of the mind has an effect on our physical health, taking care of our mental health is therefore integral to our overall physical and spiritual wellbeing.

With this in view, meditation is practiced as an integral part of the Chi Nei Tsang treatments in order to foster a feeling of comfort and energetic vitality within the mind and body of the client—and  as these meditations are versatile and easily practiced they can be integrated into the other treatments or form part of an extended treatment.

As well as general relaxation meditations and breathing exercises, specific meditations based on the Taoist focus on inner harmony are practiced with the client.

Inner Smile

The inner smile is a meditation focused on balancing the energies of the internal organs.  The practice involves focusing on the inner workings, energies and sensations around each organ whilst directing a figurative healing smile at them.  Part of the practice is to optimise and bring to the fore, the positive emotions associated with each organ—according to the Chinese five elements system—and dissipate the negative emotions and tensions.  The result is an intense feeling of wellbeing and relaxation in both the mind and abdomen.

The Five Element Cycle which, according to Chinese philosophy, governs the interrelationship between all things, including our emotions and mental states

Microcosmic Orbit

The microcosmic orbit is a form of meditation concerned with cycling chi around the body's most important energy loop, associated with the Chinese meridian system used in acupuncture.  The loop is comprised of two channels:  the governing vessel which runs from the perineum, up the spine and over the head and down to the top lip; and the conception vessel which runs from below the lips, down the front of the body and to the perineum.

The practice involves drawing the energy up the governing vessel and allowing it to flow down the conception vessel, resulting in a feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

The microcosmic orbit can be practiced as a standalone meditation or as an extension of the inner smile whereby the student visualises gathering the positive energy from all the organs at the navel before circulating it around the orbit.


Chakra Stones